Monthly Archives: November 2010

Let’s call her {cute}

Otherwise known as “Georgia”.  This brave little girl held out through picture, after picture in the freezing cold!  I was “amazed”!  I complained more than she did, that’s for sure!  We wanted to go to Galena Park, but all the entrances were closed, so we kept driving…and driving…and well you get the idea.  Next thing […]

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{oh what a night}

This turned out to be such a “crazy” night!  First off, I LOVE these kiddos.  They lived next door to us for a very short time, and we miss them terribly!  It was a very cold night and these kids did so well..I was impressed for sure!  I started taking some pictures of them and […]

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Back for more {yes, please}

I mentioned that I have taken pictures of this family before, and I was more than happy to do it again!  I LoVe how their pictures turned out..all of them.  Amazing and beautiful.  You never know how the colors different times of the year will appear when you get them home and download them.  Strange […]

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