Monthly Archives: August 2011

“family” {gorgeous}

That is all I could think when I looked at these “gorgeous” little girls!  First off, their eyes are all amazing!  Super blue, or big eyes with long eyelashes…wow.  I have taken pictures of this cute family a few times before, and even did a couple weddings for them!  I just love them…really easy going […]

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“Madeline” {2012 senior}

This girl is just plain stunning.  I would edit a picture and when I was done, all I could think was “this one would look so good on canvas”!  All three of these girls could be models, and it really shows in their pictures.  The water in the first few pictures is amazing.  I love […]

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“nikki” {2012 senior}

This next girl had some really cute ideas!  I LOVE when people I photograph come up with some ideas of their own, because I am constantly running out of “new” things and ideas to try.  She was just naturally photogenic and I really had fun taking her picture.  Obviously she has had some dance training […]

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