Monthly Archives: September 2012

The “G” Family {Caughlin}

Love this next bunch!!  Mr. Clay was a pistol for sure!  He is not the same quiet little guy who let us pose him however we wanted to, like last year!  Now he can “run”!!!  He was so much more interested in that and some local “mud” hidden in the grass, than he was of […]

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“Beautiful Blues” {Lake Tahoe}

You can’t go wrong with shades of blue for Tahoe!  Sooo gorgeous!!!  This was a big group, and a fun one at that!!  It has been a few years since I have taken pictures of them and always good to see a familiar face!  Here is your peek Lori…enjoy!

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The “M” Family {wild and crazy boys}

Love this family!!  Morgan is also a photographer and I just love when I get to see her and her cute family!  You could tell these boys are pretty sick of a camera in their face though!  I know the feeling with my kids!  At the same time, you can also tell they are little […]

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